Hello, I'm Douglas Ramsey, president of D. Ramsey Photography located in the DC Metro area. We are here to deliver exceptional quality work to our clients. When you are happy with the outcome of our photography session, our job has been accomplished. We want to work with you to deliver your vision and create an outstanding product. Please contact us for information regarding pricing or to schedule a shoot!

I started shooting over 20 years ago and developed a very quiet passion for photography. Over the years that quietness has ruptured and has now spawned into sharing my work with the world and helping the world capture their own special moments and ideas.

I believe that sight is one of the most fundamental of the human senses with which we've been endowed. Through sight we have our own direct perception of the world. My photography is a medium by which I not only perceive phenomena in the world but capture it through my lens for the benefit of all.

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